For as long as I can remember I've had interests in photography, and in the wildlife that has surrounded me. My first photographs were taken at an early age on a 'box brownie', I've still got it but it hasn't been used for many years.

Early wildlife interest was mainly in birds, the most easily and commonly seen wildlife subjects. I was an early member of the Young Ornithologists Club, encouraged by my father who would always stop to look at something interesting and point out to me what he had seen. Over the years this interest has grown to include all wildlife, and I think that interest grew stronger as I realised that so many species were in decline, seriously so in some instances.

Marrying photography and a love of wildlife together was always going to happen, time, money, work and other interests allowing. So now I am able to pursue wildlife photography and there is nothing more exhilarating than being out in the countryside and fresh air, away from the 'madding crowds', with my camera and binoculars seeking out those special, privileged, fleeting moments you share with the next encounter. That moment of intimacy when it's just you and the subject, bird or animal, whilst always remembering you are on their territory and that all wildlife should be respected and left undisturbed.

There are so many 'special' places in the UK where, but for these interests, you may never travel, never see, and never have the privilege to visit and appreciate.   

Many, many more photographs than appear on this website have been taken over the years, what you see here is a very small proportion of them, but they are a carefully chosen selection of photographs that represent a broad sweep of British wildlife species that I hope you enjoy.

My photographs are being used on a number of websites as promotional material, and by a number of Wildlife Trusts as illustration to articles. One has recently been used by a Conservation Trust as the basis for a pin badge sold to promote species conservation.

I have had taken part in the Wildlife Photographer of the Year and received commendation in the Bird Photographer of the Year and am a finalist in this years competition.


Martin, Isle of Mull
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